Prayers for Advent

 Advent Home

First Week

Heavenly Father, we anxiously await the coming of your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. We invite you into our homes and hearts, that during this period of purification and preparation, you fill us up with the power of the Holy Spirit. Strengthened in you, we say, “Let it be done according to thy will.” Amen.

Second Week

I Lord, our Father, give us the strength to purify myself in anticipation of the coming of your Son, Jesus Christ. May we find the strength within ourselves to seek you in prayer, to reconcile ourselves to you through fasting and confession. “Let it be done, according to thy will.” Amen.

Third Week

Our Father, we wait in joyful anticipation for the fulfilment of your promises to us! We await the coming of Jesus Christ, your heavenly gift to all humankind. Give us the strength to remain steadfastly devoted to you during this time of holy preparation. “Let it be done according to thy will.” Amen.

Fourth Week

Heavenly Father, the hour has nearly arrived! Assist us in keeping our preparations for the arrival of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Please accept our humble efforts to prepare as a sign of our sincerity and gratitude to you, from whom all good things come. “Let it be done according to thy will!” Amen.