Why is Advent Important

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Advent is a time of preparation. In order to be ready, we need to look inwards, into our hearts to see if we are really ready to welcome Christ back into our world. If Jesus returned today, how would he find your house? Most importantly, how would he find you? Would He find you truly prepared for His arrival? 

Have you accepted Jesus as Lord? Have you been receptive to the will of God? Have you forgiven those who have trespassed against you? Have you loved your neighbor? Do you love yourself? 

These questions could make an Advent checklist. The truth is, for most of us, the answer to some of those questions would be a quiet “no.” That’s why we have the Church to aid us. We have reconciliation. We have prayer, fasting and the treasured gift of the Mass to help our hearts say to God, “Let it be done according to thy will!”

Taking the weeks before Christmas to prepare ourselves assures us the very best holiday season because the best way to put Christ back into Christmas is to put Him back in our hearts! Nobody can remove Christ from our hearts except we ourselves. So if you want to keep Christ in Christmas, the best way to do it is to make sure Christ is in your heart. 

This is the entire purpose of Advent.